Children's Activity Atlas

Jenny Slater Katrin Wiehle

About the book

Children's Activity Atlas is the perfect first atlas.
This title contains essential geographical information such as countries or states, capital cities, principal mountains, rivers and lakes.
The atlas is also crammed with interactive fun, so that young readers can truly engage with discovering the world.
Complete the maps, add the flags and more than 200 icon stickers to complete the colour maps and make them come alive.
Find the icons and look for the stunning pictorial icons featuring unique plants and animals, sport, culture and famous landmarks.
Fill in the passport with visa stickers, quizzes, games and activities.
Send the postcards from six different continents; look at the locator map.
Every map spread is marked on a ‘ WHERE IN THE WORLD?’ locator map, to show at a glance where it is situated.
Use the Fact File panel on each map to discover a mini-file of key information.

Publication Date
29 September 2014

QED Publishing

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Children's Activity Atlas - Jacket

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