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Alexander Mostov is a Seattle-based illustrator whose work has been featured by Google, Facebook, and the Columbus Museum of Art. Previous books include D-Day: Untold Stories of the Normandy Landings Inspired by 20 Real-Life People published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2019. 

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3 months ago

A remarkable book that your children will love. D-Day by Michael Noble.
Armistice Day

4 months ago

Today Germany celebrates reunification, why not try D-Day by Michael Noble. Published by Wide Eyed Editions.
German Unity

5 months ago

Heritage Open Days! D-Day by Michael Noble from Wide Eyed Editions is brilliant!
Heritage Open Days

9 months ago

Out now! D-Day by Michael Noble, illustrated by Michael Noble. Published by Wide Eyed Editions.
Out Now!

9 months ago

A book to enjoy and add to your bookshelves... D-Day by Michael Noble from Wide Eyed Editions 

10 months ago

Learn about the places and people of the past in D-Day by Michael Noble from Wide Eyed Editions
The Past...

1 year ago

Learning from about the past is so important, it can teach us mistakes made and changes that need to be made. DDay by Michael Noble from Wide Eyed Editions.