Alex Gutteridge


About Alex Gutteridge

Alex Gutteridge was born in Leicestershire and has lived there ever since, earning her the rather dubious title of 'woolly back'!

Alex attended local primary schools, followed by boarding school and 6th form college. She is now married with 3 children and surrounded by pets that include several stick insects and lots of fish.

Alex has a real fear of spiders, Maths and hermetically sealed packages but cannot get enough of raspberries, the colour Blue and swinging as high as she can go on her daughter's swing!

Recent activity

2 years ago

Reading is so much fun, why not read Oven Chips For Tea. Written by Alex Gutteridge, published by Yearling.
International Literacy Day

2 years ago

Oven Chips For Tea by Alex Gutteridge from Yearling is brilliant!

2 years ago

We are so thrilled that The Umbrella Mouse by @AnnaFargher is shortlisted for the @sainsburys Children's Book Awards 2019 in partnership with @Booktrust! Congratulations, Anna and Pip! ☂️🐭…