Oven Chips For Tea

Alex Gutteridge

About the book

Katrina has always relied on her grandparents to provide stability in comparison with her rather volatile parents. Her grandad has coached her to be an excellent table tennis player and they have a close relationship. Following a serious stroke, Grandad seems to have changed a lot and family tension runs high. When Kat hears rumours about a split in the family, she assumes her argumentative parents are splitting up, but when it turns out to be her grandparents who are getting divorced, her world is turned on its head. Worse still, her beloved Grandad is moving to Spain. Despite her desperate and sometimes comical efforts Kat fails to keep Gramps in the country, and the divorce goes ahead. In the meantime, though, she discovers several other worthwhile and important relationships in her life. Though this book tackles a serious subject it is funny and upbeat with a twist that will catch readers by surprise.

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Paperback / softback

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