Pearl Plum the Pirate: Making Waves

Alex Gutteridge Annabel Hudson

About the book

Pearl Plum wants to lose her L-plates and make the grade as a professional pirate. But she’s got some horrible, hairy seafaring scoundrels on her tail. Will they wreck her plans to be a perfect pirate?

Pirates are rough, tough, smelly scoundrels. Look at Stinky Dave – the pongiest pirate on the high seas. He’s determined that clever, clean Pearl will never plunder enough points to pass her pirate tests. One of the tests is the Unlucky Dip. Pearl has to close her eyes and pick a task. Will she have to walk the plank? Swim with a school of sharks? Juggle jellyfish? If Stinky Dave’s got anything to do with it, Pearl’s task isn’t going to be plain sailing.

Publication Date
07 May 2004

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


Pearl Plum the Pirate: Making Waves - Jacket

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