Would You Rather: Have the Teeth of a T-Rex or the Armour of an Ankylosaurus?

Camilla de la Bedoyere Mel Howells

Would You Rather: Have the Teeth of a T-Rex or the Armour of an Ankylosaurus? - Jacket

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Would you rather have teeth like a T-rex, a face like a triceratops, a neck like a  mamenchisaurus or armour like an  ankylosaurus?
If you had teeth like a T-rex it would take ages to brush each one, not only did they have 50 flesh shearing teeth, but each was the size of a banana!
Explore the fabulous world of dinosaurs  through fun and hilarious scenarios with a Would you Rather? question approach.  Discover the fascinating habits of dinosaurs and decide what you'd rather eat, where you'd rather live and what super senses you'd rather have.
With no wrong or right answer, there and are  endless possibilities for discussion and  extra facts and notes at the end of book  encourage the reader to come up with  their own questions.
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Have the Teeth of a T-Rex or the Armour of an Ankylosaurus?  978-1-78493-196-4

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QED Publishing

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Trade paperback (US)



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