There's a Diplodocus at the Door

Ruth Symons Aleksei Bitskoff

About the book

Join Diplodocus as he goes to the zoo, gets a job and has a shower. Along the way, discover just how long, loud and greedy he really was!
Have you ever wondered how dinosaurs would cope if theywere alive today? What if they went to the dentist? What if they went to a birthday party? What if they came round for dinner?
What if a dinosaur… ? gives young readers a simple  introduction to four dinosaur species: Tyrannosaurus Rex,  Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops.
By imagining dinosaurs in modern-day scenarios, readers can  learn about their size, diet and other features.  For example, a Stegosaurus weighed as much as three cars –   so just imagine how it would play on a seesaw!
Engaging question and answer format will keep young readers  entertained and help them to understand and retain dinosaur  facts.

Publication Date
01 April 2014

QED Publishing

Book Type
Trade paperback (US)


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