The Extraordinary Life of Freddie Mercury

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The Extraordinary Life of Freddie Mercury - Jacket

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The story of a man whose music changed the world.

Farrokh Bulsara was a young boy who loved music and was known for being quiet and kind, even when people made fun of his unusual teeth.

Farrokh grew up to be Freddie Mercury, an incredible musician who could command audiences with his charisma and talent, and who would one day say that those teeth were the very reason he was able to sing with such amazing range.

From his childhood in Zanzibar to the formation of rock band Queen, to their record-breaking Live Aid performance, discover the journey Freddie Mercury took to becoming one of the world's most influential musicians.

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Packed full of incredible stories, fantastic facts and dynamic illustrations, Extraordinary Lives shines a light on important modern and historical figures from all over the world.

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