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International Rock Day

A book to explore and enjoy - I Am Reading with CD: Friends Forever by Sally Grindley from Kingfisher

3 days ago

Summer Solstice - Longest Day of the Year

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year. Read about time in Knock Knock Who's There? by Sally Grindley from Puffin

26 days ago

World Dracula Day

I Am Reading with CD: Perfect Monster by Sally Grindley from Kingfisher really is a monster book!

1 month ago

World Red Cross Red Crescent Day

A book about peace, I Am Reading with CD: Captain Pepper's Pets by Sally Grindley from Macmillan Children's Books.

2 months ago


World Car Free Day. Why not try Peter's Place by Sally Grindley. Published by Andersen.

4 years ago

International Literacy Day

Reading is so much fun, why not read Knock Knock Who's There?. Written by Sally Grindley, published by Puffin.

4 years ago


Knock Knock Who's There? by Sally Grindley from Puffin is brilliant!

4 years ago

Superb illustrations by Susan Varley in this sweet book, “Why Is the Sky Bue?” (1996), by author @sallygrindley This just came by the Circ desk on Friday.

4 years ago

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