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Frank Cottrell Boyce's story, Millions - the tale of a not-so-great train robbery - is an absolute treasure!
Two brothers, Damian and Anthony, are unwittingly caught up in a train robbery during Britain's countdown to joining the Euro. Suddenly finding themselves with a vast amount of cash, the boys have just one glorious, appalling dilemma - how to spend it in the few days before it becomes worthless. Torn between the vices of buying a million pizzas and the virtues of ending world poverty, the boys soon discover that being rich is a mug's game. For not only is the clock ticking - the bungling bank robbers are closing in too.
Pizzas or World Peace - what would you choose?
This edition of the Carnegie Medal-winning Millions includes bonus material and discussion questions from Frank Cottrell Boyce, and inside and cover illustrations by Steven Lenton.

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