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About Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan is a children's author and editor who lives in London with his wife, three children and dog, Dotty. He loves making books that are fun, and that open a child's imagination to the world around them. 

Recent updates about Matthew Morgan

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

A beary good book Meet Happy Bear by Matthew Morgan from words & pictures

11 months ago

Hug a Bear Day

Discover Meet Happy Bear by Matthew Morgan. Published by words & pictures.

1 year ago

Matthew Morgan and Carles Ballesteros

Out now! Don't Wake the Tiger by Matthew Morgan, illustrated by Carles Ballesteros. Published by Happy Yak.

2 years ago

Happiness Happens Month

Get happy with Meet Happy Bear by Matthew Morgan and Carles Ballesteros. Published by words & pictures.

3 years ago

International Tiger Day

Celebrate Tigers! Don't Wake the Tiger by Matthew Morgan and Carles Ballesteros from words & pictures is a roarsome read!

3 years ago

World Penguin Day

It's Party Time for Penguin by Carles Ballesteros from words & pictures

4 years ago

World Party Day

Have a Jamboree to celebrate #WorldPartyDay, read It's Party Time for Penguin by Carles Ballesteros from words & pictures.

4 years ago

International Day of Happiness

A book of happiness! Meet Happy Bear by Matthew Morgan and Carles Ballesteros. From words & pictures.

4 years ago

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