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Jean-Michel Billioud studied at the Institut Français de Presse and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. He has since published a hundred non-fiction books on various themes with two obsessions: explaining things as simply as possible and rescuing from oblivion what times wants to erase. He lives in France. 

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1 year ago

Out now! 40 Inspiring Icons: Amazing Athletes by Jean-Michel Billioud, illustrated by Gonoh. Published by Wide Eyed Editions.
Jean-Michel Billioud and Gonoh

1 year ago

Non-fiction November! Discover something new, explore new places and learn new skills. 40 Inspiring Icons: Fantastic Footballers by Jean-Michel Billioud from Wide Eyed Editions is a great non-fiction read!
National Non-Fiction November

2 years ago

Books packed with facts can be great fun! 40 Inspiring Icons: Fantastic Footballers by Jean-Michel Billioud from Wide Eyed Editions 

2 years ago

Being healthy and getting active can be lots of fun, read Fantastic Footballers by Jean-Michel Billioud from Wide Eyed Editions
Get Active!

2 years ago

Who is your favourite footballer?! Fantastic Footballers from Wide Eyed Editions by Jean-Michel Billioud is a brilliant book to help with all of those tricky conversations.
Who's the best...

3 years ago

Out now! Fantastic Footballers by Jean-Michel Billioud, illustrated by Jean-Michel Billioud. Published by Wide Eyed Editions.
Out Now!