Captain Pugwash and the Birthday Party

John Ryan

About the book

That most unlikely of pirates, the greedy, selfish Captain Pugwash is at the helm once more. And his familiar crew are all aboard.

"Battering barnacles! It's a birthday cake!" he cried. "From a friend."

It's Captain Pugwash's birthday and he's planning a huge party. Cut-throat Jake hasn't forgotten either and he's planned a very special surprise...

And in the second story, Pugwash has devised a clever invention for hunting treasure (with some help from Tom, of course). But danger lurks when Jake tries to use his invention against him!

John Ryan's jolly captain is as bumbling and amusing as ever in these two pirate stories.

Captain Pugwash and the Birthday Party - Jacket

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Publication Date
Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Book Type
Trade paperback (US)

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