Beyond the Rubik Cube: How Big is 43 Quintillion?

Lynn Huggins-Cooper

About the book

With six different colours, twenty one coloured pieces and fifty four outer surfaces, the Rubik's Cube has a mind-boggling 43 quintillion different possible combinations! 
It's hard to imagine what a crowd of one billion people would look like, but if one billion children stood on each other's shoulders, they would reach past the moon! 
How Big Is 43 Quintillion  helps readers understand large numbers by relating them to everyday situations.
Simple explanations accompanied by amusing infographics help readers visualise large numbers and get a grip on basic concepts in Maths.
A glossary and further reference material are also included at the end of the book.

Publication Date
04 August 2014

QED Publishing

Book Type
Trade paperback (US)


Beyond the Rubik Cube: How Big is 43 Quintillion? - Jacket

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