Wow Bind-Up (PB)

Philip Ardagh

About the book

A bind-up of four books covering the ideas, events, inventions and discoveries that have changed the course of history. Short yet fact packed, they are a mine of information. For example, in "Discoveries" we learn about the discovery of DNA, antibiotics (if they had been around at the time of the Black Death 95 per cent of victims would have survived!), gravity and the Americas. In "Events" we learn about a man landing on The Moon, the knocking down of the Berlin Wall, the fall of Rome and the assassination of JFK. In "Ideas" we learn about Marxism, Communism, Darwinism, Christianity, Feminism and Suffrage. In "Inventions" we learn about the invention of the internal combustion engine, the wheel, railways, anaesthetics and the atom bomb.

Publication Date
05 July 2002

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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