Welcome to Moominvalley: The Handbook

Amanda Li

About the book

Anything can happen in Moominvalley, and it frequently does. This essential handbook for Moomin fans of all ages is packed with detailed facts and descriptions of the Moominvalley world and characters. Featuring stunning and decorative colour illustrations closely based on Tove Jansson's classic paintings and drawings, this handbook introduces the Moomin family and their eccentric and diverse band of friends. As well as a tour of the iconic round blue Moominhouse, and pictorial scenes of the beautiful valley where the house stands, the handbook explains what home really means, to a Moomin.

Read Welcome to Moominvalley: The Handbook to learn about the Moomins' history; their personalities, their quirks and their passions. Comprehensive and authoritative, this guide also explains the values that have made the Moomins so well-loved: their kindness and tolerance, their love of adventure, and their fondness for having fun.

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