Up In Space: Uranus and Neptune (QED Reader)

Rosalind Mist

Up In Space: Uranus and Neptune (QED Reader) - Jacket

About the book

How long is a day on Uranus? How far away is Neptune? What are the dwarf planets?
Learn the answers to these questions and many more fascinating facts about Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf planets in this dazzling book from QED.

Through straightforward sentence structure and enlightening images, readers with a wide range of reading ability can enjoy these titles.

This Level 2 series has less repetition and there is more text than Level 1, making them slightly more challenging. However, the varied, simple sentence structure results in a rewarding reading experience.

These exciting titles will help to build the confidence of young readers whilst they enjoy learning about the solar system and all the planets and stars that are out there!

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QED Publishing

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Trade paperback (US)