The Thousand Eyes Of Night

Robert Swindells

About the book

The skeleton lay on its back. The jaws gaped and one arm lay across the chest as through flung there to ward off a blow . . .

The Tangle is a long, narrow stretch of derelict land, a wilderness of weeds and rubbish with an old railway tunnel yawning blackly at one end. No-one - not even bullying Gary Deacon - dares venture far into its sooty darkness. But it is here that twelve-year-old Tan and his friends make a grisly discovery - a discovery that is to plunge them into a terrifying adventure as the tunnel slowly unfolds its sinister secret . . .

The Thousand Eyes Of Night - Jacket

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lay, tunnel, discovery, thousand, eyes, night, skeleton, back, jaws, gaped, arm, chest, flung, ward, blow, tangle, long, narrow, stretch, derelict, land, wilderness, weeds, rubbish, railway, yawning, blackly, end, no-one, bullying, gary, deacon, dares, venture, sooty, darkness, twelve-year-old, tan, friends, make, grisly, plunge, terrifying, adventure, slowly, unfolds, sinister, secret

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