The Spots and the Dots

Helen Baugh Marion Deuchars

The Spots and the Dots - Jacket

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SHORTLISTED for the Teach Primary Book Awards 2021.

An amazing reversible picture book that celebrates community and acceptance with artwork from award-winning artist Marion Deuchars.

Choose to read from the perspective of the Spots or the Dots by turning this picture book upside down. Find the similarities in others and celebrate their differences.

The Spots live on one side of the hill. The Dots live on the other. Both are fearful and suspicious of the other, but are they really all that different? When a young Spot and a young Dot meet at the top of the hill, they are about to find out... Flip the book upside down and choose whether to read from the perspective of the Spots or the Dots, right up until the middle, where the two communities collide.

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Paperback / softback