The Macmillan Treasury of Nursery Stories

Mary Hoffman

The Macmillan Treasury of Nursery Stories - Jacket

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Nursery stories are an essential part of childhood. Experienced storyteller Mary Hoffman has retold over forty classic tales in this superb collection which is perfect for reading aloud. Children will soon start joining in as the giant shouts, ''Fee-fi-fo-fum'' and the wolf huffs and puffs and blows the little pigs' house down!

All of these tales have stood the test of time because generation after generation of children loved them. Many are very funny, some are pure nonsense. There are moral tales, love stories, wit, cunning, giantkilling and plenty of drama.

Beautifully illustrated by Anna Currey, the stories sparkle for a new generation of children.

Praise for The Macmillan Treasury of Nursery Rhymes and Poems, also illustrated by Anna Currey:

''A well-designed book amusingly illustrated by Anna Currey... the selection of poetry is outstanding.'' Times Educational Supplement

''.... contains not only things you have never read before, but also wonderful things you had forgotten you knew.'' The Times

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