Pirate Pete and His Smelly Feet

Lucy Rowland Mark Chambers

About the book

This spick and span crew of pirates have had enough of Pete's pongy feet! So he's been ordered to walk the plank. But it turns out that hungry sharks didn't like the smell of cheese either. What will the pirates do without Pete's feet to keep those snappy sharks away?

Have fun sticking the cheesy scratch and sniff stickers to the pirates in this riotous, rhyming romp!

Pirate Pete and His Smelly Feet is the first Macmillan picture book for Lucy Rowland and Mark Chambers. A fun, fast-paced story illustrated with vibrant colour and humour, and with a very smelly ending!

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Pirate Pete and His Smelly Feet - Jacket

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Publication Date
Macmillan Children's Books
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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