On the Summerhouse Steps

Anne Fine

About the book

Ione Muffett is alone in the summerhouse when she meets Ned Hump - a wacky student who is in love with her professor father's secretary, Caroline. In a zany and uninhibited twenty-four hours, Ione helps bring the two together, culminating in a wonderfully anarchic picnic. And as Ned then helps Ione with her plan to help famine victims by running a bring and buy sale, Ione's confidence in herself slowly begins to grow . . .

On the Summerhouse Steps - Jacket

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ione, summerhouse, ned, helps, bring, steps, muffett, meets, hump, wacky, student, love, professor, father, secretary, caroline, zany, uninhibited, twenty-four, hours, culminating, wonderfully, anarchic, picnic, plan, famine, victims, running, buy, sale, confidence, slowly, begins, grow

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