We Are The Beaker Girls

Jacqueline Wilson Nick Sharratt

About the book

Jacqueline Wilson’s FUNNIEST, FIERCEST and most BELOVED new heroine JESS BEAKER returns for another AMAZING ADVENTURE.

Jess and Tracy Beaker have found happiness in The Dumping Ground. Not that Dumping Ground- the children’s home that Tracy grew up in- but a seaside antique shop full of treasures, along with Flo, the owner, and Alfie, their dog.

Jess is looking for a fantastic new boyfriend for her mum (mostly because Tracy’s awful ex Sean is back on the scene). But Jess has bigger problems of her own. She’s being picked on by a local kid who’s got it in for her. But when Jess uncovers the truth about her new enemy, it means big changes for the Beaker Girls…

*The SEQUEL to the award-winning MY MUM TRACY BEAKER*

Praise for Tracy Beaker:

‘Wilson can still step effortlessly into the mind of a nine year old, and her chatty prose will sweep you along’ – The Daily Telegraph

‘This warm-hearted story about the importance of family and friends is classic Jacqueline Wilson’ – First News

‘[A] cosy woolly jumper of a book about wish fulfilment and its alternatives’ – The Observer

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