More Arabel and Mortimer

Joan Aiken Quintin Blake

About the book

Rediscover the A Puffin Book series and bring the best-loved classics to a new generation - including this highly anticipated edition of More Arabel and Mortimer.

Late one night, as Mr Jones drove his taxi home through a storm, he spotted a large black bird with a hairy fringe round its beak sprawled out in the road.

Mr Jones decides to take the bird home to meet his daughter, Arabel, she'll know what to do - she loves animals!

'His name's Mortimer', she said.

Return to Number Six, Rainwater Crescent, London, NW 3 ½ with Arabel and Mortimer as this mischievous bird continues to cause chaos in the Jones household. . .

Publication Date
03 October 2019


Book Type
Paperback / softback


More Arabel and Mortimer - Jacket

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