Lottie Dolls: Lottie Braves a Storm

Lucie Braveheart Faye Yong, Helen Smith, Faye Yong

About the book

Meet Lottie. She's a little girl just like you - she loves adventures, mysteries and her little puppy, Biscuit.

When Lottie is responsible for a precious pet going missing at the vet's surgery, she is determined to track the little cat down again. With help from her best friends, Mia and Finn, she follows the trail around Branksea Island. But the cat is nowhere to be found, and Lottie will be in lots of trouble if Cassie the vet finds out what's happened! Can the three friends tackle the island storms and track down the little cat in time?

Based on the award-winning doll brand, Lottie Dolls.

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Lottie Dolls: Lottie Braves a Storm - Jacket

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Paperback / softback

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