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Christmas Eve
Countdown to Christmas is a wonderful book for your kids this Xmas. Published by Childs Play.
11 months ago
World Day for Water
Discover the creatures in the ocean in Ocean by Kees Moerbeek from Childs Play
2 years ago
World Maths Day
It's all about numbers today so why not teach your kids all about them with this book Numbers . By Kees Moerbeek, published by Childs Play.
2 years ago
Tell A Fairy Tale Day
Magical and Adventurous... The Three Little Pigs by Kees Moerbeek from Childs Play.
2 years ago
National Weatherperson's Day (US)
A remarkable book that your children will love. Snow by Kees Moerbeek.
2 years ago
Mary Had a Little Lamb
On this day in 1877, Thomas Edison records himself reciting "Mary had a little lamb". Why not try Nursery Rhymes by Kees Moerbeek. Published by Childs Play.
2 years ago
Have you written a letter for Santa? Get in the mood with Countdown to Christmas by Kees Moerbeek from Childs Play.
2 years ago
Nursery Rhyme Week
Which is your favourite Nursery Rhyme? Nursery Rhymes by Kees Moerbeek from Childs Play is a great addition to any bookshelf.
3 years ago