I can roar like a Dinosaur

Karl Newson Ross Collins

About the book

A laugh-out-loud funny picture book, starring the small but mighty Mouse!

Mouse might be teeny-tiny-titchy-witchy, but she's determined to show the other animals that anyone can roar like a dinosaur. With the help of her trusty "How to Roar Like a Dinosaur" book, Mouse gets to work getting her dino-roar back, much to the bemusement of the chattering meerkat, the grunting warthog and the ruk-ruking chameleon . . .

But what's that coming up behind them, with a really loud ROAR?!

The follow-up to the hilarious I am a Tiger and I am not an Elephant, written by Karl Newson and illustrated by Amnesty CILIP Award winning artist, Ross Collins.

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I can roar like a Dinosaur - Jacket

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Publication Date
Macmillan Children's Books
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Paperback / softback

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