Happy Ever After

Adele Geras

About the book

The Tower Room: Loosely based on Rapunzel, this is the story of a sudden, unexpected, passionate relationship and the unforessen yet inevitable results of defying convention. When Megan glimpses Simon from her tower room, their worlds are changed forever.

Watching the Roses: A modern version of Sleeping Beauty, this is a haunting tale of treachery and betrayal. An ill-wishing has been placed on Alice, and it seems to be coming true.

Pictures of the Night: A retelling of the Snow White fairytale, this is a thirlling story of jealousy and enchantment. Is Bella's stepmother really as wicked as she believes?

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Definitions (Young Adult)
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Paperback / softback

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tower, room, story, happy, loosely, based, rapunzel, sudden, unexpected, passionate, relationship, unforessen, inevitable, results, defying, convention, megan, glimpses, simon, worlds, changed, forever, watching, roses, modern, version, sleeping, beauty, haunting, tale, treachery, betrayal, ill-wishing, alice, coming, true, pictures, night, retelling, snow, white, fairytale, thirlling, jealousy, enchantment, bella, stepmother, wicked, believes

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