Grubtown Tales: The Year that it Rained Cows

Philip Ardagh

Grubtown Tales: The Year that it Rained Cows - Jacket

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A startled cow falling out of nowhere onto Limbo Goulash while he's riding Marley Gripe's bicycle marks the start of a chain of events strange even by Grubtown's standards. Soon damaged property includes Purple Outing's Music Shack and Minty Glibb's attempt at the world's largest (strawberry) jelly-trifle. With Mayor Flabby Gomez throwing a wobbly, all chief of police, Grabby Hanson, can do is have the cow-fearing townsfolk watch the skies. Underground, meanwhile, there lies another big surprise...

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Faber & Faber

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Paperback / softback



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