Everybody Feels Happy

Moira Butterfield Holly Sterling

Everybody Feels Happy - Jacket

About the book

Have you ever been really excited about a holiday? Have you ever made someone else happy? How did you feel? Was your smile really wide? Read about Ethan and Sophie, and what they did when they felt happy.
Each book focuses on a different emotion, looking  at why children may feel a certain way and how  they can deal with their feelings.
Every title features two stories, each told from  a child’ s point of view, which involve common scenarios or situations. For example, the main characters interact with each other through the series, sharing experiences that readers can easily relate too.
These sensitive stories reassure young readers and  provide them with a vocabulary which helps them  to express and understand their feelings as they  grow up and encounter different situations. 'Story  words' in each book explain words simply and  gently.
Beautiful, fun illustrations from an award winning illustrator, plus supporting text  for parents and teachers ensure children get the  most from the books.

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QED Publishing

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