Doctor Who: Rebellion on Treasure Island

Doctor Who, Bali Rai

About the book

*Alien pirates, and sea-faring friends abound in this incredible Treasure Island and Doctor Who crossover.*

'Who was that?' asked Clara. 'And what are pieces of eight?'
The Doctor smiled. 'Robert Louis Stevenson. I did tell you.'

Summoned to 1700s Plymouth, the Doctor and Clara must investigate a mysterious thievery from the Crown of King George.

Their travels take them to a remote island - but as the secrets of the theft are unearthed, the Doctor discovers something far more sinister. The spectre of a terrible intellect is afoot.

Thankfully, the Doctor and Clara won't be alone. A pirate called Long John Silver, a runaway called Janey Hawkins, and professor called River Song, are all along for the ride.

Publication Date
28 September 2023

BBC Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


Doctor Who: Rebellion on Treasure Island - Jacket

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