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Accurate, current bird science presented in an intriguing, highly illustrated way.
Birds do the wildest things! (And you thought all they did was fly...) In Bird Brains, learn how birds use sound,color, and dances to communicate with each other, and camouflage, dive-bombing, and projectile vomiting to discourage predators. They build nests with sticks, stones, feathers, vines, mud, mucus, saliva, and more. Full-color illustrations showcase these cool behaviors.
Did you know that...
-birds are smart? Crows watch traffic lights in big cities so cars can break open hard nutshells.
-birds are strong? Raptors can withstand G-forces of more than 27 Gs when they swoop down to capture prey. That's three times more than a fighter jet pilot can stand without passing out.
-birds are gross? Parent birds feed regurgitated food to hatchlings.
A whole world of wonder awaits any inquisitive child!

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Moondance Press

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