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Ashley Harris Whaley is a writer, speaker, speech-language pathologist, and disability activist. She is the Project Manager of Engagement and Communities for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and is the creator of Disability Reframed, a platform that focuses on changing perspectives through education and conversation. Ashley is a passionate public speaker who regularly educates on anti-ableism, disability identity, the language used around disability, and allyship. Ashley's writing has appeared in Refinery29. I Am, You Are is her first book. She lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband, a fluffy black cat, and two German Shepherds. She owns way too many pairs of shoes that she can't actually walk in. Follow her on Instagram @disabilityreframed and @ashleyharriswhaley.

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Ashley Harris Whaley, Hannah Wood and Ananya Rao-Middleton

Out now! I Am, You Are by Ashley Harris Whaley, illustrated by Hannah Wood. Published by Ladybird.

9 months ago

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