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Alex Rühle was born in 1969, and went on to study Comparative Literature, French, Theology and Philosophy in Munich, Paris and Berlin. He is a renowned journalist and works as a culture editor for Süddeutsche Zeitung. He lives in Munich with his family.

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11 months ago

Zippel is a wonderful book for your children. Published by Andersen.
World Storytelling Day

1 year ago

Loving Zippel by Alex Rühle from Andersen.
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1 year ago

Trick or treat? Zippel by Alex Rühle from Andersen is a great book for fancy dress inspiration!
Fancy Dress

1 year ago

Out now! Zippel by Alex Rühle, illustrated by Alex Rühle. Published by Andersen.
Out Now!

1 year ago

Zippel by Alex Rühle from Andersen. A great read for your kids!

1 year ago

Why not read Zippel by Alex Rühle from Andersen