Alan Gibbons


Alan Gibbons has been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and has won the Blue Peter Book Award in the 'Book I Couldn't Put Down' category. He is a full-time writer, and a visiting speaker, lecturer and a key contributor at the QCA/National Literary Strategy 'Writing Together' conferences. His contribution to the illustrated biography series Lifelines was on Charles Darwin.

Recent activity

2 months ago

Heritage Open Days! Lifelines: Charles Darwin by Alan Gibbons from Kingfisher is brilliant!
Heritage Open Days

9 months ago

Who was he and what did he do? Read Lifelines: Charles Darwin by Alan Gibbons from Kingfisher

8 years ago

Out now! Lifelines: Charles Darwin by Alan Gibbons, illustrated by Alan Gibbons. Published by Kingfisher.
Out Now!