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Learn all about the human body with this bundle of Kay's Anatomy and Kay's Marvellous Medicine from bestselling author, Adam Kay.

From what's going on inside our bodies, to when and why we discovered how our insides actually work, Adam Kay has every (slimy and smelly) detail covered!

In Kay's Anatomy you'll find out:
Why your skin gets wrinkly in the bath
Whether bogies are safe to eat
How much of your life you will spend on the toilet
And loads more fascinating facts you can wow (and horrify) your parents and teachers with.

In Kay's Marvellous Medicine, travel back in time and find out why:
Doctors made patients gargle with wee
A washing machine, a can of beans and some sausages helped save lives
Ancient Romans ate lying down
You won't believe the wacky ideas people had back in those days.

So, if you can handle the pus and the snot, step into the weird and wonderful world of the human body with Adam Kay!

Praise for Adam Kay:
'Will delight, gross out and educate all at the same time' Independent
'Totally brilliant!' Jacqueline Wilson

Publication Date
23 June 2022


Book Type
Digital (delivered electronically)


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