Abigail Goh


Abigail Goh (Singapore) is an illustrator based in Singapore. With clients including The New York Times and The Huffington Post, she has been lauded by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration.

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3 months ago

Non-fiction November! Discover something new, explore new places and learn new skills. Where's the Ballerina? by Anna Claybourne from Ivy Kids is a great non-fiction read!
National Non-Fiction November

5 months ago

Could there be a better time to read Where's the Ballerina? by Anna Claybourne.
Read a Book Day

6 months ago

Going to see any shows? Why not read Where's the Ballerina? by Anna Claybourne from Ivy Kids to get in the mood!
The Theatre

10 months ago

To this brilliant book, perfect for the holidays! Where's the Ballerina? by Anna Claybourne from Ivy Kids
Get Stuck In...

11 months ago

Why not find a classic book to read this year? Where's the Ballerina? is a brilliant book by Anna Claybourne, published by Ivy Kids.
World Book Day

3 years ago

Out now! Where's the Ballerina? by Anna Claybourne, illustrated by Anna Claybourne. Published by Ivy Kids.
Out Now!