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Abby Howard is the creator of the comic website Junior Scientist Power Hour. Before becoming a full-time artist, Howard studied evolutionary biology at McGill University, where her deep interest in dinosaurs was born.

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16 days ago

Desperate for people to read this book but first I have to finish making it?! wth?!?!
Abby Howard

5 months ago

Mammals moved into the ocean pretty soon after the extinction of most of the big scary aquatic reptiles, with whales quickly filling the Ocean Predator niches. Like this Basilosaurus, a very very long whale! Featured in my new book~

7 months ago

I also love @sfemonster's illustrations-- they're great at creating sympathetic monsters and telling complicated human stories using strange supernatural elements. And I love their Wolves Only You Can See!
Abby Howard

2 years ago

Out now! Dinosaur Empire! (Earth Before Us #1) by Abby Howard, illustrated by Abby Howard. Published by Amulet Books.
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