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A. B. Yehoshua is one of Israel's pre-eminent writers. His novels include A Journey to the End of the Millenium, The Liberated Bride and A Woman in Jerusalem, which was awarded the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 2007. He lives in Haifa.

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17 days ago

Happy birthday to Robert Peel, the one time Prime Minister of Britain founded modern British policing, which gave us the slang 'bobby' and 'peeler'. Try The Story of Crime and Punishment by A. B. Yehoshua and Sonja Bougaeva. Published by Pushkin Children's Books.
Robert Peel (Birthday)

10 months ago

A great book to read during the holidays The Story of Crime and Punishment by A. B. Yehoshua from Pushkin Children's Books
An exciting read...