Winter Wood

Steve Augarde

About the book

In this astonishing final part of Steve Augarde's captivating trilogy, past and present are connected and the interwoven threads lead to an astonishing series of revelations.

Midge's discovery of the hidden tribes is like a dream to her now, their existence all but forgotten - but then a voice calls out to her in the winter darkness. The Various have returned, and their desperation has made them all the more dangerous. They must travel to Elysse or perish. The only way that Midge can help the little people is by tracing the whereabouts of her great-great-aunt Celandine. But Celandine must be long dead, surely?

A story of danger and magic, friendships and betrayals, this is fantasy writing at its very best.

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Publication Date
Corgi Childrens
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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