Wild Child

Chloe Rayban

About the book

Justine Duval has modest goals in life: to attain celebrity status, earn stacks of cash, be drop dead gorgeous and find pure, unadulterated love. Simple. By achieving her ambitions of fame, money, beauty and a bloke, Justine will cunningly evade ever becoming Grown-Up-and-Past-It. And a bizarre meeting with her future self - ten years older and ten years wiser - gives Justine the chance to really get to grips with her ultimate destiny...in more ways than one.

Wild Child - Jacket

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Definitions (Young Adult)
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Paperback / softback

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justine, ten, years, wild, child, duval, modest, goals, life, attain, celebrity, status, earn, stacks, cash, drop, dead, gorgeous, find, pure, unadulterated, love, simple, achieving, ambitions, fame, money, beauty, bloke, cunningly, evade, grown-up-and-past-it, bizarre, meeting, future, older, wiser, chance, grips, ultimate, destiny, ways

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