Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh?

Kay Woodward

Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh? - Jacket

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The perfect stocking gift! Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh? answers all those Christmas mysteries you always wanted to know!

A cool Christmas-themed book for girls and boys that explains the reasons for and the stories behind our festive celebrations and traditions. Why does Father Christmas have three different names? Was there ever really a Good King Wenceslas? Why do we eat mince pies? These questions and many more are answered along with a fun make-and-do Christmas activity. Entertaining and informative, the book is illustrated throughout in black and white.

Kay Woodward has written many bestselling books for Puffin, including Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide, The Big Jungle Hunt, Hooray for Piglet and the My Secret World books. Kay lives in Hove, East Sussex.

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