Whatever the Weather: Sun (QED Readers)

Lauren Taylor

Whatever the Weather: Sun (QED Readers) - Jacket

About the book

What are shadows? What keeps you cool on a sunny day? How can you protect yourself from the sun?
Be blown away by this weather-focused series! This fantastic reader from QED shines a light on the ever-changing weather whilst also encouraging development of reading skills.

This well-presented series educates readers on the falling rain, the icy snow, the whistling wind and the beaming sun.

The repetitive text can motivate those who find reading difficult with simple, appealing language and structure. Each paragraph of text is accompanied by a stand-out image.

The combination of eye-catching images with simple sentences creates titles that readers at level one want to read by themselves or out loud.

Whether it’ s night or day, summer or winter, raining or snowing, these books can be enjoyed whatever the weather!

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QED Publishing

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Trade paperback (US)