To Be A Cat

Matt Haig

About the book

From the bestselling author of A Boy Called Christmas, The Girl Who Saved Christmas, Father Christmas and Me and The Truth Pixie.

*'A clawed masterpiece' - Guardian*

Barney Willow's life couldn't get any worse. He's weedy, with sticky-out ears. Horrible Gavin Needle loves tormenting him. And evil headteacher Miss Whipmire seems determined to make Barney's existence a complete misery! Worst of all, Dad has been missing for almost a year - and there's no sign of him ever coming home.

Barney just wants to escape. To find another life. To be a cat, for example. A quiet, lazy cat. Things would be so much easier - wouldn't they?

A darkly funny and adventurous tale from multi-award-winning author Matt Haig.

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Publication Date
Corgi Childrens
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Paperback / softback

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