The Zoo Inside Me

Ruth Doyle Yessica Baeten

The Zoo Inside Me - Jacket

About the book

Sometimes we feel brave as a lion or shy like a mouse… and that zoo inside our heads can make us behave differently on the outside.

Feelings can be hard to understand. You can’t see it, but this little boy is part mischievous monkey, part curious llama, and part chameleon, hiding from the world. It feels to him like there’s not enough room for all of those jumbling feelings inside, but the zoo in all of us makes us who we are – reaching out to the world from the part you can’t see. And sometimes, all it takes to make things right is friendship – and to realise that everyone else has a zoo inside them, too…

This is a picture book that champions our emotions, feelings and behaviours in a way that makes them feel relatable and easier to understand.

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