Watership Down The Colouring Book

Richard Adams

About the book

Richard Adams' classic story Watership Down, first published in 1972, has been adapted and made into a brand new animated television mini series, for broadcast in the UK at Christmas 2018 by the BBC, and on Netflix throughout the rest of the world. This charming colouring book version of the story, illustrated with black line images and decorations drawn from the animation, and with captions from the script, will provide hours of delight for fans of the story, as well as for those who enjoy beautiful colouring books.

Published in Macmillan's hugely successful colouring book format, this epic tale of a band of intrepid rabbits led by Hazel and Fiver, has a firm place in the hearts of millions of people, and this book, with its engaging images and delightful designs, makes a wonderful keepsake for all fans of the programme.

Publication Date
29 November 2018

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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