The Three Heads in the Well: A Magic Beans Story

Susan Gates

The Three Heads in the Well: A Magic Beans Story - Jacket

About the book

When the King remarries, his beautiful daughter is forced to leave his castle by her mean-spirited stepfamily. Laden only with bread, cheese and kindness, the Princess seeks her fortune and finds three friendly heads in a well. When the stepsister follows, however, it is clear that the three heads may be either friend or foe . . .

This story is a magic bean. It may not look much like a bean, but I can promise you that it is. For if you plant it in a young mind, it will grow into a love of story and reading. These beans are favourite fairytales and legends that will delight, thrill and thoroughly entertain. Each story has been brilliantly crafted by one of the best-loved writers for children.

This story was published by David Fickling Books as part of the Magic Beans anthology. The complete anthology is available in hardback and in ebook format.

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