The Sticky Doll Trap

Jessica Souhami

About the book

Hare is a cheeky rascal who prefers to have a nap while the other animals are scratching in the earth searching for water. Hare tricks Monkey and then Hyena into shutting their eyes tight while he fills his calabash with the newly-found water and scampers away. By now, the animals are angry, and decide to get their own back. They make a huge, gummy, sticky doll, set it up at the water's edge, and wait...Along comes Hare with his empty calabash, most annoyed to find someone else by the precious water. He hits out at the sticky doll and is trapped at last in front of all the animals. But even now wily Hare finds a way to get the better of the other animals and escape puinishment!

This traditional trickster tale dates back to the Uncle Remus story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby, and can be found in different versions all over South and West Africa, North and South America - even in a Jataka tale from India. Jessica Souhami has turned a West African version into a comic, read-aloud story accompanied by stunning, brilliantly coloured collage to create a book bursting with fun for very young readers.

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