The Somerset Tsunami

Emma Carroll

About the book

A sinking boat…
A girl in disguise…
A disappearing sea…

When Fortune Sharpe carves a boat from a tree with her beloved brother, Gem, she’s only having a bit of fun. But now is not the time for a girl to be drawing attention to herself. She is sent away to find work dressed as a boy. Luckily a rich manor house is hiring.

Yet Barrow Hill’s inhabitants harbour dangerous secrets of their own, the suspicious owner is hunting for witches, and the house itself is a little too close to the sea…

The Somerset Tsunami - Jacket

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Publication Date
Faber & Faber
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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boat, girl, sea, house, somerset, tsunami, sinking, disguise, disappearing, fortune, sharpe, carves, tree, beloved, brother, gem, bit, fun, time, drawing, attention, find, work, dressed, boy, luckily, rich, manor, hiring, barrow, hill, inhabitants, harbour, dangerous, secrets, suspicious, owner, hunting, witches, close

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