The Secret of the Black Moon Moth

John Fardell

About the book

A painfully shy old man has approached Professors Gadling, Gauntraker and Ampersand with an extraordinary archeological find: early human remains that don't fit in with anything known to science. Soon, Sam, Zara, Ben, Marcia and Adam are joining the professors on an expedition to a remote island in South-East Asia to investigate further. But the island contains a secret more astonishing than anything they could have imagined, and a dangerous, deadly enemy is on the trail . . .

The Secret of the Black Moon Moth - Jacket

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Publication Date
Faber & Faber
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Paperback / softback

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secret, professors, island, black, moon, moth, painfully, shy, man, approached, gadling, gauntraker, ampersand, extraordinary, archeological, find, early, human, remains, don, fit, science, sam, zara, ben, marcia, adam, joining, expedition, remote, south-east, asia, investigate, astonishing, imagined, dangerous, deadly, enemy, trail

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